LCG equipment low-bed service
September 19, 2016
Concrete Pump Truck hauled on lowbed from Manitoba to Ontario
October 31, 2016

Another heavy crane makes it home

We just finishing hauling another heavy long load from Alberta into western Ontario, and it went without a hitch. This Heavy Crane tipped the scales at around 135,000 lbs, and had a smooth safe trip across the prairies and into the whindy roads of the Canadian sheild in Ontario.

crane getting hauled from Alberta to ontario

Once in Manitoba, this heavy red crane got an escort by one of our piolet vehicles, as per Manitoba D.O.T. regulations. There was a lot of construction and many parts of highway number one were down to one lane.  All in all the trip for this RED Crane was uneventful and he made it to his new home safe and sound.

escort vehicle keeping a heavy haul load safe through manitoba


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