heavy hauler moves 85,000lbs Cable Plow
December 14, 2016
Heavy Hauling from Illinois to Alberta
December 16, 2016

heavy hauler hauls another CAT out of BC

With the winter weather in going full throttle up here in Canada, if didn’t slow us down one little bit. This time one of our heavy haulers travelled to beautiful British Columbia where it picked up heavy Caterpillar Pipelayer which was nestled at the base of the western slope of the Canadian Rockies and delivered it over 4000 km to it new home in Macon, Georgia. Where i’m sure it will never see the frigid north again. If you’re in need for have your heavy load hauled give us a call at 204-792-2000. We would be happy to give you a quote.
Heavy Equipment: Caterpillar 522B Feller Buncher
From: Canal Flats, British Columbia
To: Macon, Georgia, USA
4,056 km
Approximate Weight: 80,000 lbs

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