Heavy Hauling a 100,000 pound crane out of Manitoba

Concrete Pump Truck hauled on lowbed from Manitoba to Ontario
October 31, 2016
Heavy haul completed
November 9, 2016

Heavy Hauling a 100,000 pound crane out of Manitoba

Just finished another successful heavy haul. This time it was another heavy crane from southern Manitoba to Saskatchewan. On shorts hauls, this client normally moved their cranes, but for this long haul they brought in the professionals, at LCG equipment heavy hauling is what we do and do it best. Here are a few pictures of one of our professional drivers heavy hauling this 100,000 lbs crane.

heavy hauling the crane off some tight manitoba roads

The triple ale jeep had to be left behind for this portion of the heavy haul as the were too narrow to make the turns with all 12 axles.

heavy hauling manitoba

Heavy Equipment: Link Belt Crane
From Miami, Manitoba
To Saskatchewan
790 km
Approximate Weight: 100000 lbs



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